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With so many successes over so many years I have a very clear and precise understanding of Wine Styles/Varietal Assessment/Blending/Fortified’s.

These have changed a number of times, especially with the introduction of the new varieties.

Comprehension and appreciation of these styles comes from researching and tasting the wines from their original vineyards, together with the realisation of just how then to present the style under Australian conditions.

Too many of these “new” styles made in Australia bear little resemblance to the original and so need adjustment in the vineyard and the winery to show their best.

These comments apply particularly to style and variety, for they can require blending to maximise final acceptance and enjoyment.

Fortified winemaking, maturation and blending, is equally important to maximise reward, style and acceptance.  However fewer and fewer winemakers have the full understanding of this important area.

New Product Development – Marketing

Product, pricing, packaging, style, market, profit analysis

Getting the right proportions and detail to each is critical for success.

Having many years of experience gives confidence with realism as to the direction any new product should take and to maximise the success.

Every detail has to be considered to form the product market plan.  While this can be time consuming in itself, if all is set prior to any commitment, then there is much more certainty of achieving the desired results.

Consumer identification, market channels, quantities, profit per product, sales analysis – all need inclusion.

Winery Management

Clearly referring to the LIP System and all mandatories, as well as winery operations.

Full understanding of these is critical to successful winery administration and management.

On the winery floor, winery design, systems design, and constant update information, are covered.

In essence James Irvine Wine Consultancy will most often appeal to owner operated wineries where the daily workload can be so demanding.

Larger operations from time to time have specific projects which require experience and input.

Reviewing the client list will verify these statements.